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This is the Memoir of William L. Truman, my Great-Grandfather. He served as a member of the 1st Missouri Light Artillery, CSA (known at various times as Wade's Battery, Walsh's Battery or Guibor's Battery) from December 1861 thru May 1865. Significant battles included Elkhorn Tavern (Pea Ridge), Iuka, Corinth, the Vicksburg Campaign of 1863, the Atlanta Campaign, and Hood's Tennessee Campaign of 1864 (notably the Battle of Franklin).

The Memoir was dictated in 1906 from his diary and memory, so reflects the disadvantages and attitudes of intervening years. I have transcribed it from the original typewritten script as best I can, preserving the spelling and word usage except when changes are needed to aid comprehension. Chapter divisions and titles are my own, as he used none. Notes are added in some chapters as needed to clarify his errors or misconceptions of facts. The extensive quotes from Bevier, French and Maury have not yet been cross-checked with reprints of their books, so any cited pages may vary.

I have prepared a map which can be used to approximately locate most of the places mentioned in the memoir. It is on the Biographical data page, which will open in a separate window so you can cross reference if you desire.

The original typescript and all future reprint or quote rights have been donated to the State Historical Society of Missouri. I cannot grant any reprint or republish rights.

Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1 - Beginnings   Chapter 15 - Demopolis
CHAPTER 2 - Missouri State Guard   Chapter 16 - Refitting for War, September '63 to Feb '64
CHAPTER 3 - Enlisting in the Confederate Army   Chapter 17 - Pine Cone Wars, Feb - Apr '64
CHAPTER 4 - Retreat From Missouri   Chapter 18 -On the March, mid-Apr to mid-May '64
CHAPTER 5 - Elkhorn Tavern, first day   Chapter 19 - Facing Sherman, May 17-June 4
CHAPTER 6 - Elkhorn Tavern, second day   Chapter 20 - June 1864
CHAPTER 7 - Summer 1862   Chapter 21 - Kennesaw
CHAPTER 8 - Iuka   Chapter 22 - Atlanta
CHAPTER 9 - Corinth   Chapter 23 - Autumn 1864
CHAPTER 10 - The Hatchie to Grand Gulf   Chapter 24 - Franklin
CHAPTER 11 - Grand Gulf   Chapter 25 - Retreat from Nashville
CHAPTER 12 - Champion Hill   Chapter 26 - War's End
CHAPTER 13 - Big Black River Chapter 27 - Going Home
Chapter 14 - Vicksburg Epilogue

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